A journey should fit you like a dress

And you wouldn’t wear an uncomfortable one, right?

Read Vagabondi’s  tips to make your journey really unforgettable!

I’ve been travelling most of my life, both for business and for pleasure, and I’ve come to the idea that travellers can be divided into two types: those for whom leaving is just that, packing their things and going, and those for whom leaving requires a long and detailed preparation.

If you belong to the first type, travelling for you is probably escaping from reality and searching for adventure. Maybe your life is already super organized, or, on the contrary, you generally avoid organizing events and prefer enjoying things ‘as they come’.


If you belong to the second type though, then you probably prepare your journey like a professional pilot does for a flight: rout, weather, schedule, and, why not, even an alternate airport of destination in case of adverse weather conditions!


What is the best way to travel? I think it depends on your own nature.
How you travel says a lot about yourself.

If you are a very independent person, who can’t stand rigid schedules and likes to seize the moment, then avoid organized holidays, where you have to respect programmes and cannot make any changes. You probably like last-minute vacations, and love going to places you’ve never been before.
All you need is change and excitement.  


However, if you are a control freak, and the only idea of leaving is stressful, because it means changing your assuring habits, then cruises and organized travels may be good for you, also in groups.
Mishaps could in fact give you a nervous breakdown, so you need to have a precise plan of where you’re going.
 And I’m sure you don’t resist the temptation to Google everything in advance!


As for myself, I’ve been going from one type of travelling to the other:
super organized when I was travelling for business, walking around with no purpose when I was a tourist.
Now I’m trying to conciliate my two souls, so I pick up a destination that really attracts me and find out what cannot be missed.
And then I walk around giving me finally all the time to really enjoy my holiday...

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