Travelling alone. Choice or nightmare?

How did you feel simply reading the words ‘travelling alone’? Did you experience a sense of freedom or discomfort?



  470762_72700959.jpgOur reaction generally depends on how we consider solitude. Is it something we choose or something we fear and tend to avoid?

As we all know, social structure has profoundely changed over the past decades, and today the number of single people is considerable. However, we sometimes still think about traditional family as an ideal model, and that is when our feelings toward everything we do on our own may be of scare.
And what’s scarier than going somewhere completely alone?
In my opinion, it’s going somewhere with someone you don’t like, because when travelling alone comes from a personal choice, is there something more liberating and exciting?
I have travelled alone infinite times, and I’ve always had a great time.
As a woman I obviously put safety first, and I have learned to take care of myself rather well.
Futhermore, I also have met many people while beeing alone. After all, there are more chances to start a conversation with someone who is alone, rather than with someone who is surrounded by lots of friends.
I remember one of my first trips on my own. I was flying to New York,  sitting in first class, where I had been unexpectedely upgraded, as economy class was full.
Excited and terrified, I was looking around, when my eyes spotted a very known face: it was Meryl Streep!
Kind and polite, she exchanged a few words with me, even trying to speak my mother tongue, Italian. She is undoubtedly the most fascinating person I have ever met in my life, with an aura of elegance around herself. I couldn’t believe my eyes: I was talking to my favourite actress, and without doubt, a living myth.
Would I have made such a precious encounter travelling with other people? I doubt. I would have been too busy chatting to look around me.
I really feel blessed to have met many interesting and inspiring people in my life, and, what’s more, to have learned the lesson of independence and freedom.
How? Travelling alone.

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